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GWB Cashless Tolling Implementation - Trucking Community Flyer

30 Jun 2022 1:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The George Washington Bridge will be transitioning to cashless tolling on July 10, 2022. The benefits of cashless tolling include providing a more streamlined travel experience, reduced travel times, enhanced safety, and the reduction of auto emissions – among a host of others.

Cash payments will no longer be accepted. Trucks using the George Washington Bridge must pay tolls using an E-ZPass tag or Tolls by mail. Without an E-ZPass account, cashless tolling will add an administrative burden of managing your vehicles or fleet’s toll activity and processing toll payments in-house as well as the potential for unnecessary and costly violations and late fees if those payments are delayed for any reason.

Cashless tolling works by scanning the E-ZPass tag mounted on a vehicle’s windshield and then charging the toll to the E-ZPass tagholder’s account. Vehicles without E-ZPass tags also pass seamlessly through toll points without stopping using Tolls by Mail. Instead of having tags scanned, license plates are photographed, and toll bills are mailed to registered owners. These toll bills can be paid online, by mail, by phone, or at certain local retailers.

Truckers who do not already have an E-ZPass tag are strongly encouraged to sign up for an E-ZPass account as soon as possible. 

For vehicles that are issued Special permits and cross the George Washington Bridge, the following information outlines the upcoming Specials movement procedures.

Specials processes remaining the same:

  • PAPD validates all special vehicle permits.
  • Overnight Specials vehicles will assemble at Higgins Alley, as is the case now.
  • Overnight Specials will cross the Bridge at or around the same time as is done today.


Specials processes changing after Cashless Tolling Implementation on July 10, 2022:

o   The E-ZPass Exception form will no longer be used (or exist) after July 9, 2022.  The GWB Toll House will no longer be staffed after July 9, 2022. All tolls will be collected via E-ZPass and Tolls by Mail.  No cash will be accepted.

o   Daytime special permit vehicles, upon arrival at Higgins Alley, will have to contact GWB Communications desk at (201) 346-4100.

o   PAPD will escort Daytime Specials to TR-2 for access to the Bridge.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who is the midday contact for daytime specials?

GWB Communications Desk (the message will be relayed to PAPD)

  • How should drivers contact the GWB Comm Desk?

Call 201-346-4100

  • Where can I learn more about Tolls by Mail and how it works?

Please call the NY Customer Service Center (CSC) 800-333-8655 and/or visit www.tollsbymailny.com  

  • How can I sign up for E-ZPass?

Contact the NYCSC and/or visit https://www.panynj.gov/bridges-tunnels/en/e-zpass.html

  • Questions about the GWB Specials process?

Please visit https://www.panynj.gov/bridges-tunnels/en/trucker-resources.html under the “Convoys, Oversize, and Overweight Vehicles” section of the Trucker’s Resource page or call 201-346-4100 for more information.


Visit www.panynj.gov/feedback or call (800) 221-9903.

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