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  • 13 Mar 2017 12:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    All PONYNJ terminals will be closed on Tues. March 14,2017 due to blizzard conditions.Winter Plan in effect. Please use extra hours today.

  • 06 Mar 2017 2:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ELD FAQ Update 

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has updated the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) frequently asked questions. The updated questions identify manufactures and motor carriers responsibilities in regards to the ELD rule. A PDF copy of the most recent frequently asked questions is available at the following link:


  • 01 Mar 2017 10:36 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) today posted two new truck parking studies on its website.

    The lack of available truck parking continues to be a hot research topic for ATRI and these latest studies, completed for the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, examine new approaches for identifying available truck parking capacity.

    In the first, “Utilizing Truck GPS Data to Assess Parking Supply and Demand,” ATRI presents a technical analysis that utilizes truck GPS data to assess truck parking capacity at four Minnesota rest areas. This first-of-its-kind research assessed truck parking supply and demand by time-of-day and day-of-week by cross-referencing truck GPS data to identify truck activity at several state-run rest stops.

    The second, “A Comprehensive System for Assessing Truck Parking Availability” details a field test conducted by ATRI and the University of Minnesota to deliver real-time truck parking information to commercial drivers through three separate delivery systems: 1) Roadside Changeable Message Signs (CMS); 2) an Internet/Website information portal; and 3) through in-cab communication systems.

    Both studies successfully demonstrated new approaches for identifying where additional truck capacity is needed and how delivering real-time information on parking availability to commercial drivers can improve their operational efficiency. The reports are available at the respective links above or by going to ATRI’s Truck Parking page by clicking here.

  • 23 Feb 2017 10:31 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Winner will receive a 2018 Freightliner Truck w/ 26' Morgan body.  Additional specs can be found on reverse side. Raffle is open to the public and will take place on June 1st via a video drawing at 12 pm EST.  

    Raffle tickets are available at $500 each. Only 500 tickets will be sold.

    Move For Hunger is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2009 to mobilize the relocation industry to reduce food waste and fight hunger. Move For Hunger works with moving companies across the nation to pick up nonperishable food items and deliver them to local food banks. 1 in 7 Americans struggle to find their next meal.

    Move For Hunger has already delivered over 7 million pounds of food to those in need. Your support will assist with an expansion of the food collection program.

    Go to the following link for more information 


  • 14 Feb 2017 10:10 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It’s said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. If that’s true, then long-distance truck drivers should have the strongest relationships of all.

    But, as any number of truckers can testify, the road can be hard on romance. Weeks apart, missed birthdays and anniversaries, loneliness and doubt, they all take a toll. But a trucking job does not have to mean the end of a relationship. We went to experts for advice on how to build and maintain a strong, trucking-style romance – and how to make Valentine’s Day special.

    Dr. Fran Walfish, a Beverly Hills family and relationship psychotherapist, said every successful relationship is built on trust, which can be reinforced even if both partners aren’t together.

    “The bricks and mortar of developing trust can begin long-distance through Skype conversations. Be sure to not only talk, but include reading body language, facial cues and all of those additional messages that tell us how the other person truly feels,” she said. “Talking is the glue that holds people and relationships together.”

    Lisa Bahar, a marriage and relationship therapist, also advised drivers and their partners use technology (Skype, cell phones, Facebook etc.) to keep the relationship strong.

    “Communication is key, being in the moment, and letting the person know you are thinking of them. Quality time with times to talk, flirty text messages, flattery, memories of what made you fall in love, gifts that are appropriate and surprises that may be spontaneous are good. Be considerate and deliberate,” she said.

    What couples do while together can see them through the times they are separated, said Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, a licensed clinical professional counselor. “When you return, make sure to spend quality time and pay extra attention to your spouse. When you do all of the above, you'll be able to keep your relationship strong, even if you travel a lot,” he said.

     We asked members of the RoadPro Pro Driver Council how they celebrated Valentine’s Day and here’s what they told us:

    “Typically, Valentine’s Day is not really a significantly important holiday. I work and it is just another day. A special occasion will just have to wait until work is done or be delayed until the weekend. The customer wants their product and our life is temporarily put on hold. That’s life on the road.”  -- Joanne Fatta, Pennsylvania

    “Holidays out on the road -- I usually call or send cards in advance. My husband drives, so usually we meet up for supper. Valentine’s Day is usually great because there are flowers everywhere and pretty red candy boxes. Sometimes, you just have to punt.” – Maggie Stone, Iowa

    “I have done the same thing every year for almost 20 years. I send a single white rose to my wife in her classroom. She is a school teacher. It has become so expected that her students wait for it as well. I used to just call, but with technology we now FaceTime. Something we do regularly anyway.” – Thomas Miller, Illinois

    Sierra Sugar solves the problem of Valentine’s Day by riding with partner Allen Wilcher.

    “Valentine's Day on the road usually is me waking up to fresh coffee, roses and/or other treats from Allen. I usually cook a nice dinner for us in the truck, and afterwards we spend time cuddled together watching movies. It hasn't worked out where we've been somewhere to go out and do something special, so we make the most of our time together in the truck on that day, and, really, every day. But when we do come across neat places along the road, no matter what day of the year, we do get out and explore together.” – Sierra Sugar and Allen Wilcher, Florida


  • 08 Feb 2017 3:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NJMTA established the New Jersey Motor Truck Association Fund Scholarship to assist the children of New Jersey employees of NJMTA members who seek to pursue a college education at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university or at an accredited vocational/technical institution.

    Scholarships are made on academic potential, financial need and unusual circumstances without reference to race, creed, gender, disability, religion or national origin.


    Applicants must be New Jersey residents who are *dependent children, age 23 and under, of full-time New Jersey based employees of a NJMTA member, in good standing. The member company must have a minimum of six months membership with NJMTA.

    *Dependent children are natural and legally adopted children or stepchildren living in the employee’s household or primarily supported by the employee.


    There will be three (3) $1,000 scholarships awarded. Awards are for undergraduate study only.


    Interested students must complete the NJMTA Scholarship Fund Application for the next academic year and mail to NJMTA, 160 Tices Lane, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, along with current transcript of grades, post marked no later than May 22, 2017. Recipients will be notified in June.

    Applicants are responsible for gathering and submitting all necessary information. Applications are evaluated on the information supplied; therefore, it is important to answer all questions as completely, as possible. All information received is considered confidential and is reviewed only by the scholarship committee and NJMTA staff.

    Scholarship Application available at http://njmta.wildapricot.org/resources/Scholarship%20Info/2017%20Scholarship%20Application.pdf.

    Scholarship Instructions available at http://njmta.wildapricot.org/resources/Scholarship%20Info/2017%20Scholarship%20Instructions.pdf


    The final selection of recipients is made by the NJMTA Scholarship Committee. The committee will evaluate all applications on the basis of past educational performance and future potential, work experience, statement of career and educational aspirations and goals, leadership and participation in school and community activities. Unusual circumstances and financial need will be given careful consideration. Anyone who serves on the Scholarship Committee agrees that their family members will not be eligible to participate in the program.

    Payment of Awards

    The award check will be mailed directly to the school in the student’s name.


    Students or employees having questions should contact:          

    Jennifer Blazovic

    New Jersey Motor Truck Association, 160 Tices Lane, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

    Phone:  732-254-5000 Ÿ Fax: 732-613-1745

    Email: jblazovic@njmta.org 



  • 08 Feb 2017 2:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Due to the impending snow storm, all container terminals, empty and chassis depots will be CLOSED on Thursday February 9th. Free time will be extended for containers not already in demurrage. Per diems on containers and chassis will be handled in accordance with the Winter Weather Plan.

    Gates will be extended this evening as follows; Maher (9PM), RHCT (7PM) and GCT Bayonne (7PM). Pleas plan to fully utilize these additional hours.

    Appointments WILL NOT and required on Friday at GCT Bayonne. Monday February 13th is an ILA holiday. 

  • 23 Jan 2017 12:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In the January 19th Federal Register, FMCSA announced that it has received an application from J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. (J.B. Hunt), Schneider National Carriers, Inc. (Schneider), Werner Enterprises, Inc. (Werner), Knight Transportation, Inc. (Knight), Dupre Logistics, Inc. (Dupree), and Maveric Transportation, LLC (Maverick) (the Applicants) to allow hair analysis in lieu of urine testing for pre-employment controlled substances testing of commercial driver's license (CDL) holders. 

    The Applicants currently conduct pre-employment urine testing that satisfies the Department of Transportation's (the Department) requirements under 49 CFR part 40 and hair analysis, separate from the Department's controlled substances and alcohol testing program. 

    The Applicants' believe their data ``. . . demonstrates that hair analysis is a more reliable and comprehensive basis for ensuring detection of controlled substance use'' and the exemption would enable these fleets to discontinue pre-employment urine testing. FMCSA requests public comment on the exemption application.

    Comments must be received on or before February 21, 2017.

    Read the Federal Register Notice at 



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