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Twas’ the night before Christmas, at Farruggio’s Express

23 Dec 2016 10:15 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Twas’ the night before Christmas, at Farruggio’s Express

When Santa stopped by and seemed quite distressed

The weather is nasty, in most parts of the globe

The snow is blinding to even NASA’s space probe

It doesn’t seem I can make it, we heard Santa cry

The reindeer can’t see thru this blizzard, without them I can’t fly

Over 96 years, I only call on the best

I sit here before you, with a humble request

Rumor has it he said, that you have a system,

To see trucks on the road, their every position

Is it true that you have this, does the Geotab exist

Or is it merely a rumor, simply a myth

We have it Sam said, we have it without exception

With the Geotab we even have a Federal logbook exemption

In that very instant, the trucks on the screen began to glow bright

Like Christmas beacons, shining bright in the night

If it works as you say, he said with a glance

We may be able to do this, we may have a chance

The dispatchers got busy, Sam called all of his friends

They promised dear Santa, this is not how Christmas will end

Santa downloaded the program, he copied the app

He could see every driver, he studied the map

Via text, via email, the instructions went out

Drivers sprang into action, on Santa’s new route

From an app on his iPad, he managed the night

Each package delivered, each present just right

A calm came over Santa, he claimed in disbelief

You made Christmas happen, what a relief

With a twinkle of his eye and his jolly old laugh

He hugged each and every one of the Farruggio’s staff

I learned something new he said with a wink

Technology is amazing, I am just tickled pink

I can’t wait to tell Mrs. Claus, I know what she’ll say

Tomorrow she will have a geotab installed in my sleigh

She can check on my location, now that will be neat

I am just hoping it doesn’t keep track of how many cookies I eat!

In that very instant, he was off in the night

The snow had finally stopped, to the reindeers delight

With a ho ho ho, we heard dear Santa say

Once again you delivered, you’ve saved Christmas Day!


We at Farruggio’s would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Written by Jen Farruggio Bennett

Farruggio's Express is a NJMTA Member

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