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NJMTA Responds to DEP's Proposed Clean Truck Rule

24 Jun 2021 3:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has released it's proposed the Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) Program regulations and has moved forward with the rulemaking process. The NJDEP plans to adopt CARB's ACT regulations by reference. 

The ACT regulations propose two separate requirements:

1. Mandate that truck manufacturers begin manufacturing zero emission vehicles (ZEV) for any medium duty or heavy duty vehicle (MDHD) {8,500 GVWR or more} beginning with model year 2025. Manufacturers will earn a deficit for every non-ZEV MDHD they sell and a credit for every ZEV or near ZEV (NZEV) MDHD vehicle they sell. “Sell” is defined to mean a sale to an ultimate purchaser who registers the MDHD vehicle with the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, not a sale from the manufacturer to a truck dealer. If, at the end of the year, the manufacturer has more deficits than credits, the manufacturer will need to purchase credits from other manufacturers. Credits begin in 2024 and are based by vehicle class. Credits can be banked but must be retired oldest to newest and by vehicle class. Deficits begin in 2025 and increase every year through 2035. Deficits are weighted based on variables such as model year, weight class of vehicle, and if the vehicle is a tractor.

2. Require fleet owners to report 2021 data on their MDHD truck fleet to the NJDEP by April 2022. The purpose of this requirement is to establish a baseline for future rulemaking regarding MDHD ZEVs

To View the Clean Trucks Proposed Rule

NJMTA Comments on Proposed Clean Truck Rules

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